Alums Impact Communities Through Careers

mario-alvarado-profileMario Angulo Alvarado ‘15, political science, wants to bring positive change to his community. Studying at the Universities at Shady Grove (USG) campus, he made a start on his life’s ambition by serving as USG Student Council president, with guidance from Dr. Andrew Nolan and Chelsea Moyer, program coordinator and Peer Advisory Team manager. He has received numerous scholarships and honors while at UMBC, and this spring the political science department recognized his contributions through the Outstanding Scholar-Leader Award. After graduation, he will continue in a position he started as a student at the nonprofit organization Identity, which serves Latino youth and their families.

amelia-meman-profileAmelia Meman ‘15, gender and women’s studies, understands that even among high-achieving students, not many create a major university program that regularly rallies students around a shared passion for community impact. But Amelia did just that with Critical Social Justice, a campus-wide initiative promoting civic engagement and critical thinking around social justice and the related challenges today’s communities face. During her UMBC career Amelia combined campus leadership, participation in national conferences, and a research assistantship in gender and women’s studies with stellar academic work. She earned a 4.0 GPA and election to Phi Beta Kappa. Inspired by mentor Dr. Kate Drabinski, she plans to earn a Ph.D. in women’s studies following her AmeriCorps service.

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