Long Term Care Insurance – A Perfect Fit?

Editor’s Note: The UMBC Alumni Association has partnered with several organizations to offer you special perks and benefits. This month, we wanted to share this announcement from our partner, Meyer and Associates, about a new plan available to our alumni:

M&A_LongTermCareIns_Red_1955Considering long term care insurance (LTC)? Coverage may not be out of reach. The UMBC Alumni Association Alumni Insurance Program now offers a new approach to LTC called Perfect Fit. With Perfect Fit, you select from a menu of features to find a plan with a premium you can afford.

Plans include key features at low price points, including:

  • Home Health Care – Benefits for care at home
  • Care Coordination – Help your family plan your care
  • Inflation Options – So benefits grow over time

Want to see what your Perfect Fit premium buys?  Visit http://meyerandassoc.com/umbc for a free quote – and a free 10-point checklist with great buying tips.

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