Slideshow: UMBC Commencement Through the Years

1979 Commencement
1979 Commencement

As our newest cohort of alumni looks ahead to the future, let’s also take a moment to reflect on Commencements of the past. We hope you’ll enjoy this slideshow of UMBC Commencements through the years! Special thanks to UMBC Digital Collections for keeping our great university’s history so neatly organized for all to use.

Please share your Commencement memories with us here or on Twitter using #UMBCgrad! We’d also love to add in Commencement photos from missing years; email them to, and we’ll add them to the slideshow!

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5 thoughts on “Slideshow: UMBC Commencement Through the Years”

      1. Ok, I added some in from this week, and I have a call out for some from the past. I didn’t see any in the digital archives, but fingers crossed for some other possible locations! – Jenny

  1. There was no graduation in 1967. Also no RAC, just the old gym. Could those pictures be the convocation?

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