NYT Profiles College Sweethearts Hayes-Bohanans ’86 in “Making it Last” Column

hayes-bohananIn an ongoing series on baby boomers who have been married for 25 years or more, the New York Times this week featured Retriever alumni sweethearts Pam and James Hayes-Bohanan ’86, who met and fell in love at good old UMBC. The pair, who now live and work in Bridgewater, MA, graduated with degrees in modern languages & linguistics and geography, respectively.

Read the full story in the New York Times here.

The interview recounts the early days of their relationship, when they met in a French class at UMBC; their travels together to attend grad school, and trials along the way; and their lives together as parents. They will celebrate their 26th wedding anniversary this May, the story said.

Asked what makes their relationship last, they told the Times:

Pam: Early on in our marriage we went to this couples communication workshop and we learned this very simple thing: you have to stop and thank your partner for whatever they did for you that day. Whoever took the garbage out, whoever changed the diaper; we always stop and remember that somebody did that so you didn’t have to.

James: But I would also say it was just picking the right person.

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