Podgurski ’07, Music, Profiled in City Paper

podgurskiIn a recent interview with Baltimore’s City Paper, Nick Podgurski ’07, music, lets readers in on his latest project, Feast of the Epiphany. Podgurski, who first made a name for himself in the Baltimore indie scene as drummer for the band Yukon, has released numerous albums since graduating from UMBC featuring his drumming, songwriting, vocal and synthesizer skills.

Speaking about Feast of the Epiphany, which is uncharacteristically devoid of drums, he tells City Paper:

“The interaction between the parts is kind of a drum set, that’s the way I sort of hear it,” he says. “It’s so interactive it becomes static, kind of forcing the drumset into another set of instruments, and then forcing those elements into such amounts of interaction that they become a static ambient field. And then simultaneously, that static ambient field can’t be evaluated as a static ambient field because of its inherent parts within.”

Read the full story here.





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