How To Be Fast: David Bobb ’02

How to image 1Don’t get us wrong: there’s nothing bad about being slow. We like to relax as we sip our coffee in the morning. We like to take our time ambling down UMBC’s treelined thoroughfare on a cool spring morning. And we like to savor a long, juicy novel word by luscious word. Really, we do.

Sometimes, though, you have to be fast. And when that time comes – whether you want to beat a fellow shopper to the last deal on the sales rack, or outstep your buddies on a lunch break dare – you need to be prepared.

Where matters of speed at UMBC are concerned, we made a beeline straight to the source: David Bobb ’02, health administration & policy, UMBC’s Track & Field Coach and one of the university’s most highly decorated athletes of all time.

If it’s pep that your step is after, Bobb’s three-week plan will put you on the fast track.

Read the full story and watch a special “How To Be Fast” video in the Winter 2012 issue of UMBC Magazine.

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