MFA Alumna and Prof Kelley Bell Lights Up Bromo Seltzer Tower

Click picture to view a video made by Kelley Bell about her work at the Bromo Seltzer Tower.

If you’re driving through nighttime Baltimore in the next few weeks, don’t forget to look up. Every day, from sunset to sunrise through mid-December, the iconic 100-year old Bromo Seltzer Tower’s four clock faces will be lit up with animations created by Kelley Bell ’06, MFA, who also teaches at UMBC.

From the Baltimore Sun:

“I love the idea of people interacting with my work,” Bell says.

“One of the things that’s very problematic for me with most animation is that it takes place inside a frame. You sit in a chair and look at it. My art is about finding ways to get out of that box. People can immerse themselves in the artwork, share a physical space with it.”

Read the full story in the Baltimore Sun and watch a video about the project here.

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