Kay Kostopoulos ’72 featured in O, the Oprah Magazine

Image courtesy of Kay KostopoulosKay Kostopoulos ’72 was featured in O, the Oprah Magazine for a class on body languages that she co-teaches at Stanford University. From the article:

“Kostopoulos starts by leading us through a series of warm-up exercises. At first, the scene is yoga-esque. We step out of our shoes and stand tall, close our eyes, and take deep, slow breaths. But before long, the tempo changes, and Kostopoulos has us jumping up and down, shaking our arms, swinging our hips, blowing raspberries, and making kooky faces, alternately sticking our tongues out and then scrunching up our noses. All the while, we’re huffing out husky ha-ha-ha sounds from deep in our bellies. Kostopoulos encourages us to experiment with a deep voice. ‘You don’t want Mary Tyler Moore,’ she squeaks, then drops her tone an octave: ‘You want Diane Sawyer.'”

Read the full story.

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